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Registered Name: Stratford/Perth Shelter Link

Business No: 136565702RR0001

We provide homeless or at-risk youth in Perth County with shelter, basic needs, community aid and advocacy services.



Our Mission

Stratford/Perth Shelterlink exists to provide Perth County youth ages 16-24, who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, with shelter, basic needs, community aid and advocacy services.

About Shelterlink

By providing youth with a safe and stable place to live, Shelterlink is able to help them get back on a sustainable and successful track. Shelterlink offers an outreach program to at-risk and homeless youth within Perth County, an Emergency Shelter placement plan for immediate at risk youth, and a transitional youth hostel that provides an affordable place to live with trained staff to assist in anyway possible. The staff at Living Options for Youth (LOFY) also connect the residents with community agencies, offer advice and guidance, and teach Life Skills to better manage their jobs, their money, and their housing situation.

The goal is to provide youth with the resources, guidance and care necessary for them to get a fresh start towards a successful and stable lifestyle.


130 Youngs Street

3rd Floor

Stratford, ON, N5A 1J7

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