Shifra Homes Inc.

Registered Name: Shifra Homes Inc.

Business Number: 808262471RR0001

Immediate Need for Emergency Funds for Vulnerable Families: Shifra Homes COVID-19 Fund

During COVID-19 Shifra Homes is providing immediate shelter to young mothers and babies, as well as supporting the network of vulnerable young families out in the community to help pay rent, buy groceries, cleaning supplies, and child-minding necessities, and access counselling to cope with this unprecedented pandemic.

Our funding has drastically decreased since COVID-19 emerged. We have been required to postpone or cancel all fundraising campaigns and events which has severely impacted our revenue. Yet more and more of our young families are reaching out for guidance, assurance, financial support, and mental health support. They are expressing fears about returning to homelessness, food insecurity, poverty, their anxiety, and how COVID-19 is affecting their children.

At Shifra Homes we are doing our best to support the young mothers and babies who currently live in our homeless shelter while also supporting our network of young families out in the community. We are supporting people experiencing homelessness, vulnerable communities, women, and children. We have been so grateful to donors who have reached out to us during our time of need and sent in their donations. Now more than ever we are in need of your support.