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Online Resources for Families at Home

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Online Resources for Families at Home

We have released content from our online paid program to make it available to all families during this challenging time.

We have 4 programs that are now available for free (we would love a donation to keep going :)):

1. Stop the Overwhelm which is a 4 part video series and workbooks to work through how to stop the overwhelm feeling and support parents and their kids.

2. When Worry Takes Over is a 6 part series done by an amazing expert and author Dr. Dawn Huebner about how to talk about worry and manage it with little kids.

3. Stop the Homework Battles - schooling is moving to homes well this is stressful for many parents that are working and trying to make sure their child is also learning.

4. We have an online family support page with some of our favorite experts and resources to manage during this time at home.

We would love to spread the word that these resources are out there for free. We will continue to add resources in the next couple of weeks around online learning with LDs, ADHD, dyslexia and anxiety. The only thing we are asking for is emails.