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Rainy Day Fund

Registered Name: Shine Through the Rain Foundation

Business No: 891881005RR0001

Rainy Day Fund

Individuals with a life threatening illness are not only overwhelmed with the emotional impact of that diagnosis, but also practical considerations. Consultations and treatment regimes along with challenging side effects make employment difficult or entirely impossible. Income is significantly reduced, but expenses continue to pile up for utilities, rent, transport and groceries. Can you imagine the stress of receiving a shut-off or eviction notice when you’re battling a debilitating disease, undergoing another round of chemo or trying to stay strong for your family?

The Rainy Day Fund provides emergency payments directly to utility companies and landlords, ensuring that each patient has a warm, safe place to call home while receiving or recovering from treatment. Where possible we try to alleviate financial pressures for patients and their families, and as well as financial assistance towards utilities and rent, we also  provide grocery gift cards and help towards hospital transport expenses.. Shine Through The Rain Foundation will also review requests that fall beyond the defined scope of The Rainy Day Fund if an application is considered to have mitigating circumstances.