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Charting Our Course

Registered Name: Ship Hector Society

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Charting Our Course

The Ship Hector Society is restoring the Ship Hector with plans to have it complete by 2023, the 250th anniversary of the landing of the Hector in Nova Scotia.

The Hector has an important role in Canadian history as it was the first ship that brought emigrants directly from Scotland to Nova Scotia.  These early settlers were seeking a new life in a new land, and upon arrival they forged partnerships with the local indigenous community who were vital to their survival during their first winter in Canada.

Thousands of people claim a ancestral link to the Hector passengers and the site attracts visitors from around the world who are seeking to learn more about their heritage.

Charting Our Course, the restoration of the Hector, will be a major economic benefit for the region and will create jobs, interest in our Celtic heritage and further understanding of the role of the indigenous community.