Sexual Health Nova Scotia

Registered Name: Sexual Health Nova Scotia Society

Business Number: 119094415RR0001

Sexual Health Nova Scotia (SHNS) is dedicated to promoting healthy sexuality throughout the lifespan for all in Nova Scotia. We envision a world where everyone has access to sex-positive education and health services, so they can experience lifelong sexual health without shame, stigma, discrimination, or fear of violence. We are inclusive, non-judgemental, pro-choice, and committed to equitable care.

Your donation allows us to provide services such as:

- Running sexual health centres in rural communities across Nova Scotia, where people can get information, referrals, and free condoms/safer sex supplies

- Offering sexual health services through the Halifax Sexual Health Centre clinic

- Training health care providers on how to offer sex-positive, trauma-informed care to patients

- Teaching youth about healthy relationships, safer sex, puberty, and self-esteem

- Supporting parents in teaching their children about healthy sexuality and relationships

- Helping Gender-Sexuality Alliances, Pride parades, and other LGBTQ+ community efforts get off the ground

- Offering pro-choice support to pregnant persons, and working towards better access to abortion in Nova Scotia

- Working to prevent and respond to sexual violence through education, training, and cultural change

Our members are the six Sexual Health Centres located throughout Nova Scotia:

All centres provide information, education, resources, referrals, condoms, and pregnancy testing. The Halifax Sexual Health Centre also offers a variety of medical services, including STI/HIV testing, through its clinic.

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