SickKids Foundation


Business Number: 108084419RR0001

Why SickKids?

SickKids fights to make every kid a healthy kid. And we’ve been doing it since 1875. In Toronto, in Ontario, across Canada, and around the world, there are children and adults healthy today because of SickKids.

But our fight never stops, and that’s why we need you. Our research, care, and education lead the world. But some of the greatest challenges in child health remain. And the patients we see are increasingly ‘medically complex’. In fact, 60+% of our patients have more than one condition.

We are harnessing the opportunities that new technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and our deepening understanding of the genetic basis of many conditions to deliver what we call ‘precision health’: tailoring the treatment to the individual patient.

Why Now?

Right now, we’re engaged in the largest fundraising campaign in Canadian healthcare history – a $1.3 billion, multi-year project to rebuild the hospital to deliver precision health. The best treatment and care in the best space – that’s why SickKids needs you.

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