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SickKids leads the way globally in paediatric research and care. We fight to save lives, to find new cures, and to provide world-class care. But we are also fighting the limits of a 70-year-old hospital. Parts of the building don’t meet modern building codes. Some of our most vulnerable patients are crammed into overcrowded rooms. Parts of the hospital spaces can’t accommodate the weight of an MRI machine.

That’s the problem. You can be part of the solution.

We need new monthly donors to pioneer our new state of the art building. You’ll be laying the groundwork for the future.

Monthly Donations Are The 'Foundation' of The New Hospital 

At SickKids, every patient is being asked to grow up faster than they deserve. And every family member sees it. This is why we need monthly donors. Monthly donor support will lead to the construction of new clinical spaces for some of our most vulnerable patients, fund brilliant doctors, nurses, and researchers, support landmark surgeries and essential equipment. That’s why they are the foundation of the new SickKids.