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SFU Student Urgent Response Fund


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SFU Student Urgent Response Fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for us all—many find their routines significantly disrupted by this new reality.

SFU students have been particularly hard hit. In an effort to do our part for the health and safety of the community, all three campuses converted to a virtual learning environment that will extend throughout the summer term—a major change to the educational experience.

With the closure of libraries and the loss of income from part-time and co-op jobs, some students find themselves unable to afford the technology required to complete their coursework remotely. In addition, many students are seeking help with day-to-day living expenses, flights to reunite with family, and more.

Nearly 1,000 students have already come forward to our Financial Aid office—a number that is expected to continue to grow. The SFU Student Urgent Response Fund was established as a campus-wide initiative to ensure that those with the greatest need, whether undergraduate, graduate, domestic or international student, are able to access support.

Your gift ensures that students can remain successful in these unprecedented times.