Simon House Recovery Centre


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Who We Are

Simon House provides an innovative 12 Step based addiction treatment and recovery program for adult males. Working to accomplish our mission of guiding and empowering men to achieve long-term recovery from addiction and all of its effects, Simon House looks to increase its impact and service delivery within the surrounding community. In order to accomplish this mission and provide services that meet the needs of our community Simon House relies on the generosity of individuals, community organizations and corporations for crucial funding support. Primarily funded through donor support, Simon House receives no annual funding from government and solely relies on donor generated funding. Without this generous support, we wouldn’t be able to serve those in the community who rely on our life-saving and transformative services.

Our Story

Founded in 1982 by Doreen Baker, Sheila Cameron and Franciscan Brother, Bernard Barry, who named Simon House after Bible character Simon of Cyrene, who was a bystander during Jesus' crucifixion. When Jesus became too weary to carry his cross, the Roman soldiers compelled Simon to carry it for him.

Simon House began its work in a Bowness duplex that still serves men in need today, 37 years later. Simon House has been, and will always be a beacon of hope and refuge for men who have found themselves in the grip of addiction. Humble beginnings saw Brother Bernie and Doreen work tirelessly with integral volunteers and original employees, to grow and develop Simon House into the program and facility it is today. In 1983, the duplex immediately next door to its original location was generously donated to expand Simon House services and support. In 2006, through the generosity of donors, Simon House built a 30 bed building with a full commercial kitchen, board room, and office space.

Today, Simon House operates 4 buildings and 66 beds, which provide 3 distinct phases of addiction treatment and recovery to assist men in moving from a residential program to transitional housing, and onto independent living with supports and counselling. Through committed staff, board members, donors, and community partners, Simon House has become a highly respected, valued, integral, and successful addiction recovery centre in the Calgary community, serving men from all across North America.

The staff and volunteers of Simon House are still inspired by our founders and how we got our name. It's our call to action, and hopefully yours, the one reading this message right now. Are you compelled to help carry your brother's cross? Help bear his burden?

What People Are Saying

"It is my conviction that all of the counsellors and staff who have chosen to work at Simon House resolutely believe in helping the addict who still suffers. Sometimes this requires “tough love”, but to my mind they consistently and passionately act as agents to promote sufficient change in each man."

— John H, Read More

"Today my oldest son lives with me. I have started a small business. I can look in the mirror and see a good wholesome person. I am grateful for every blessing in my life today. I no longer feel inadequate or insecure. Thank you Simon House, for showing me how to truly live."

— Kris M

"I feel a great sense of gratitude towards Simon House for helping me to begin my life on the path of recovery. Today I introduce myself as a grateful recovering alcoholic and drug addict, because I am grateful to be recovering from the hell that my life had become and where it was ultimately headed."

— Chris B

"Life today reflects the changes that are a direct result of my stay at Simon House. I have all of my family back in a loving, caring relationship. I have no major financial concerns & am working in what I hope will be a long, rewarding career. I'm now a productive, loving father, brother, & friend."

— Chris D, sober since November 2010

"Simon House taught me how to live a life I never thought possible, clean and sober. I stay connected as it is a part of my recovery. I'm forever grateful for what Simon House has done for me."

— Don B, sober since July 2010

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