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Sing for Life

Registered Name: Sing for Life Society of Alberta

Business No: 829252766RR0001

Sing for Life Society of Alberta is an independent charity that brings performing arts opportunities to marginalized communities in Edmonton

Sing for Life


Sing for Life provides performance arts opportunities to marginalized communities in Edmonton. Through performing arts programs, we aim to help individuals develop skills, increase their sense of empowerment, improve their social and physical well being, reduce isolation by building connections to a safe and supportive community, and live with dignity and respect.

Performing arts programming for women in conflict with the law: Sing for Life operates performing arts programs for inmates in the Edmonton Institution for Women (the federal women’s prison) including: the New Beginnings Choir, weekly voice and piano lessons, and performing arts workshops.

Downtown Men's Choir: Sing for Life operates the Edmonton Downtown Men’s Choir which offers the opportunity to sing to men in the downtown area who are in transition, rebuilding their lives. The singers participate in formal performances around Edmonton and less formal outreach concerts which connect them with other men in transition.

Sing for Life has been offering high-quality performing arts programming since 2002, and became a registered charity in 2013. Most of the funds donated to Sing for Life go directly into programs, as the organization operates with a very small administration.


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