Singing With Parkinson's

Registered Name: Singing with Parkinson's

Business Number: 772376315RR0001

Many of those diagnosed with PD will identify with a weakened voice and trouble swallowing. Singing With Parkinson's was created to help address these and other issues related to PD by working the voice in a safe and fun way by singing in a group. Many studies show that the benefits include a stronger voice, better breathing, and a strong sense of community. No singing experience is required.

What People Are Saying

"“Singing With Parkinson’s is a safe, friendly, warm, fun place where we can be ourselves, and enjoy life. The bonus is that I’m learning to control my breathing, leading to fewer problems while eating and drinking.”"

— David D

"“Our teacher is fun, optimistic and full of encouragement. She pushes us just enough, and makes us proud of ourselves... my family has, at various times, remarked that I seem like a happier person. Anxiety, depression and apathy are common symptoms of PD and this group is a wonderful antidote.”"

— Helen M.

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