SingYourJoy Young Adult Chorus Society

Registered Name: Singyourjoy Young Adult Chorus Society

Business Number: 849518931RR0001

SingYourJoy is a non-auditioned chorus for young adults from all walks of life, joining their voices together in an exuberant expression of joy, building friendships and growing community.

SingYourJoy offers young adults an opportunity to participate positively in the community, learning and experiencing citizenship and living in right relationship with each other. The chorus crosses social and cultural barriers and is a safe place for a range of challenges that this age group experiences; from isolation and depression and financial challenges, through finding their place in the community post-school, to underemployment and/or stress in their university and college studies.

We truly believe SingYourJoy is making a difference in the lives of these young people, building valuable social capital. We are hopeful we can find like-minded individuals and groups to assist us in continuing to provide the SingYourJoy experience to our singers with no financial barriers.

As a non-auditioned community chorus, SingYourJoy contributes to the social capital of Greater Victoria, by connecting young adults 16-29 (a challenging age group to reach and engage) in a fun activity where they learn about being in community with each other, and by extension, become greater assets to the community in which they live.

In the course of creating a wonderful music experience for their audiences, they are learning many of the skills and mindsets that will help them have a strong sense of self, including how and where they can fit and contribute to the larger framework of their society.

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