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Healthy Meals in Hard Times

You are concerned about residents of Haliburton County. You want to help those most affected by lay-offs, social distancing, self-quarantine and loss of financial security, but it’s risky to do practical things and you’re not sure where to start.

SIRCH has a simple way you can have an immediate impact on those who need help in Haliburton County during the COVID-19 crisis.

Up until now, SIRCH has been making 400 meals per month and distributing them free through food banks, Ontario Works and other organizations in Haliburton County.

Now with the coronavirus, the demand for healthy, prepared meals has drastically increased. Why?

• Hundreds of people have suddenly been laid off

• One-third of our residents are seniors

• Haliburton already has a 23% child poverty rate

• We have the second highest cost of living in Ontario

• Many will not be eligible for EI or other benefits.

The food banks in Haliburton County are amazing and they are going above and beyond to help by giving residents food and frozen meals. Many families may need additional food in this increasingly urgent situation and that is where SIRCH can help.

Prepared meals are essential for those with disabilities, anxiety, lack of cooking skills or resources, and for those who are ill, homeless and elderly. During the pandemic and until our community is back on its feet, SIRCH's goal is to increase the number of prepared meals to give away free from 400 to 1,400 meals each month.

We can do it, but we need your help.

SIRCH has no base funding for this free food program – it relies on donations from individuals, organizations, churches and businesses.

It costs SIRCH about $4 to make one healthy meal. Each comes with heating instructions and a nutritional label. Some meals are suitable for diabetics or others with special diets. Local produce is used whenever possible and groceries are purchased locally.

Please help keep Haliburton County fed.

With your help, SIRCH can meet the Covid-19 challenge: $5,600/month for 6 months is needed.

We can get through this. In the end, we will be a stronger community if we band together and look after each other.