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Sistema Huronia Music Academy

Registered Name: Sistema Huronia Music Academy

Business No: 816200935RR0001

Sistema Huronia is an established and free after-school music program that promotes personal growth through music.

Sistema Huronia Music Academy


The Sistema Music Program was founded in 1975 and today there are over 100 Sistema chapters globally.  It uses the classical music ensemble experience to achieve positive social change in youth. 

Sistema Huronia is one of 15 Sistema Canada Network organizations and is located in North Simcoe.

Our mission is to build and sustain an intensive social program that provides free, ensemble-based music lessons to inspire children at risk to realize their full potential as students, musicians, and citizens.

Our vision is to instill a strong sense of community, self respect, and mutual support in our children through the pursuit of musical excellence in order to prepare them for a better tomorrow.

In addition to developing music skills, children will improve literacy and grades, gain confidence and self-esteem and build a solid foundation in their lives for the future.

Sistema Huronia Program Details

  • We are now in our tenth year with forty students in our youth orchestra.
  • We are being hosted at St. Paul's Church in Midland.
  • It is a two hour after-school music program, four afternoons a week for thirty weeks.
  • Our 1st term of classes was in September, 2014.
  • Our students are playing violins, violas and cellos.

Reasons to Invest in Music Education

  1. Contribute to skill development in reading, language and mathematics.
  2. Contribute to the development of skills considered basic for success in school, life and work including executive-function thinking, social and motivational skills.
  3. Create environments conducive to student success by fostering teaching innovation, a positive professional culture, teamwork, community engagement, increased students' attendance and effective instructional practice.


P.O. Box 402

Midland, ON, L4R 4L1

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