Sistema Toronto

Registered Name: Sistema Toronto Academy

Business Number: 819256603RR0001

We are a team; we always do our best; we always help each other.

Sistema Toronto provides musical and intellectual opportunities to children in vulnerable neighbourhoods. We build stronger communities by transforming the lives of at-risk children, enabling them to overcome poverty, grow and thrive as engaged citizens and future leaders of their communities. Our program is located in priority neighbourhoods across Toronto with some of the highest child poverty rates. Children who would otherwise not have this opportunity are able to reach their potential by developing skills as musicians and fully realized citizens in their communities.

Sistema Toronto students develop:

  • Improved literacy and better overall school grades
  • More self-confidence and self-esteem
  • A feeling of belonging and worth
  • The knowledge of how to work as a team, and how to help others
  • A solid foundation for the future
  • Leadership and civic engagement skills
  • A life-long appreciation and involvement in music

At Sistema Toronto, donor support is critical. Charitable investment means students can play real instruments, boost their energy levels with nutritious snacks and benefit from the experience of excellent, well-trained teachers. It also means that we can keep our commitment to the communities in which we provide our program.

What People Are Saying

"It’s unbelievably rewarding to see this next generation of kids, who were not born into highly privileged situations, receiving this opportunity to feel and learn and to experience the particular affection for each other that is developed through artistic education. "

— Peter Oundjian, Music Director, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Sistema To, Read More

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