Common Weal Community Arts


Business Number: 880329982RR0001

Our Mission

Common Weal Community Arts Inc is a provincial arts organization based in Saskatchewan that collaboratively engages professional artists with communities to promote social change and cultural identity through creative expression.

Our Mandate 

Common Weal Community Arts is recognized as a leader in socially engaged practice at home and abroad, speaking about our work locally, nationally, and internationally at gatherings including the World Art Summit in Santiago, Chile in 2014 and the AAANZ Conference in Melbourne, Australia in 2018. 

We strive to inspire ideas and empower people to tell their stories in their own voices. Place, shared identity, or interest may define the participating communities, the majority of which are marginalized, underserved, or historically misrepresented. Our projects are diverse in artistic discipline and approach including elements of traditional practice, site-specific work, residency and workshop activity, high profile events, and critical discourse on socially-engaged and community-based arts.

What People Are Saying

"Socially engaged art is vital to helping us understand ourselves and one another in a world that desperately needs more empathy and authentic connection."

— Evie Ruddy, Chair of the Board of Directors, Common Weal Community Arts

"I’m inspired by the ingenuity and compassion I see in our collaborations and programs. I believe it takes all we have to offer to build a healthy, sustainable future and I’m grateful to contribute to this."

— Judy McNaughton, Northern Artistic Director, Common Weal Community Arts

"Through Common Weal I found the support I needed for my work as a relational artist. They provided encouragement and belief in me as I found my way into this work."

— Lynda Monahan, Artist in Residence, Common Weal Community Arts

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