Business Number: 859128332RR0001

Our Mission

SKETCH is a community arts initiative based in Toronto engaging young people, ages 16-29, who are homeless and living on the margins.

We create opportunities for young people to experience the transformative power of the arts; to build leadership and economic self-sufficiency in the arts; and to cultivate social and environmental change through the arts.

What we do:

In our 7000 sq. ft. studio space, we host a variety of art programs. To name a few: visual arts, textile arts (sewing, screen printing) ceramicsmusic, including songwriting, recording, instrument lessons, vocal lessons, and beat making, community gardening and enviro-arts, culinary arts 

At SKETCH, young people: 

  • Discover creativity
  • Learn skills
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Build community

What People Are Saying

"I love SKETCH because it is linked to so many of my passions: the street community, creativity and identity."

— Amelia, Donor, Read More

"Right after my shift would end at 3pm, I’d get on my bike and go straight to SKETCH. I’d do three or four things: make a meal, volunteer, screen print a few shirts, and record a song. I would leave and think, ‘wow, this was a full day of art!'"

— Ezekiel, past SKETCH participant , Read More

"“With support from the SKETCH family, I was able to discover my skills on my terms. I can’t even think about what my life would be without SKETCH being there.”"

— Ella, past SKETCH participant

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