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Pledge50 - Monthly Giving


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Pledge50 - Monthly Giving

Our mission is to prepare and deliver nutritious meals to anyone who, by reason of age, physical or mental handicap or illness, cannot prepare adequate meals for themselves. At SNDMOW, we believe in the availability of nutritious meals for all people, regardless of their financial securities or insecurities. Our clients are some of the most vulnerable members of our community - seniors, disabled, immuno-compromised and the isolated - many of whom have very little to no family/friends.

Pledge50, our new monthly giving program, is way for you to support us all year round and make bigger impacts in our community! This program has been created to help our charity retain reliable funding which will not only help us continue our daily operations, but also to help support our Sponsor A Senior program. With monthly giving, we can spend more time carrying out our mission as well as helping low-income seniors within our catchment.

*All monthly donations made to this fund will be split 50/50 between our general fund and our Sponsor A Senior fund*