South Island Centre for Counselling and Training


Business Number: 887246999RR0001

Our Mission

South Island Centre is dedicated to providing professional, affordable, mental health counselling services to all those in need in the Capital Region District, regardless of their ability to pay. 

About South Island Centre for Counselling & Training

Building on years of experience in counselling and training, South Island Centre has become a vital mental health resource in Greater Victoria, in particular to children and youth. To date the charity has provided counselling for nearly 100 young clients. Most young adults living with mental health problems say their symptoms first appeared when they were children. Early intervention when problem signs first emerge is therefor critical, yet of young people in need of counselling less than 20 % will receive treatment -- that's as many as 4,800 young people in Greater Victoria who will not get the mental health counselling they need this year - which is why South Island Centre's mission is so vital. Providing affordable mental health counselling to this demographic will help build a stronger community in the future.

What People Are Saying

"My daughter has been seeing a counsellor at SICCT for one year now. In this time, she has helped her through many challenges such as anxiety, coping skills and building her confidence. I find comfort knowing that if she cannot come to me, she feels confident enough to go to her counsellor. "

— Sara's mother

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