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The South Shore Waldorf School is a community that cultivates social renewal by providing a comprehensive Waldorf education.


Guided by the work of Rudolf Steiner, The South Shore Waldorf School nurtures, through reverence and respect, each member’s potential to be autonomous, compassionate, proactive world citizens.  We lay the foundation for academic excellence, social responsibility, and the capacity for meaningful work in our students.

About us

The South Shore Waldorf School receives no government funding and is financed solely from private sources and community fundraising events.

We strive to be financially accessible and have the lowest tuition of any independent school in Nova Scotia.  Additionally, we have a comprehensive tuition adjustment program to assist any family who wants the education we offer and is committed to supporting the school.

Our school offers an academically rigorous curriculum that is enriched by arts, handwork, music, and languages.  All our programs are nature oriented and students spend considerable time outside every day. Children learn self confidence, curiosity, respect, and empathy through cooperative skills-based activites.  

Since 1996, the school continues to grow and attract young families to the small rural community of Blockhouse,  Nova Scotia. The school has been described as "an economic driver" in Lunenburg County.

What People Are Saying

"The families that have moved to this area have the mobility due to the nature of their work to live anywhere if they wanted to, but the South Shore Waldorf School is one reason why they chose this community. This makes the school an economic driver. "

— Michael Ernst, District 4 Councillor, MODL

""We moved to Lunenburg, NS from British Columbia so our children could attend the South Shore Waldorf School. We wanted to raise our family in a small community where our children had the time and space to run, ride their bikes, climb trees, and just play. We love our school!"

— Lisa MacFarlane, Financial Consultant/Parent

"We moved to the South Shore specifically so our girls can attend the South Shore Waldorf School... Most importantly, our daughters are happy at school; when we pick them up we can clearly see that they have been well nourished on all levels of their being. There is no better feeling as a parent."

— Katja Rudolph, SSWS parent and Toronto Waldorf School Alumna

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