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Supporting Ukrainian Refugees


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Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Spirit Dance Centre has several years of experience supporting Tibetan refugees to settle successfully on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia. We are well prepared to assist the growing number of Ukrainian refugees who are beginning to arrive in BC. Experienced volunteers from our Tibetan program will now do our best to help the Ukrainians.

For people fleeing the war in Ukraine, the Canadian government has created the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel. On the BC Sunshine Coast, Spirit Dance Centre has created a project which is welcoming displaced refugees from Ukraine.  The project will assist Ukrainian people in need with establishing themselves on the Sunshine Coast.  Donations will be used for: start-up costs such as furniture and clothing, on-going monthly costs for necessities including housing, food, public transportation, medical care, child care, education. Our volunteers, supporters and professionals in the community will assist the Ukrainian refugees socially, practically and emotionally.