Spiritual Hospital

Registered Name: Spiritual Hospital

Business Number: 811346311RR0001

Our Mission

Beyond what medicine and science can offer. One will discover insights they can apply to find guidance for their life, healing in mind, body and soul and spirit.

Our mission is to evangelize to the world by spreading & proclaiming the Gospel. To bring hope, healing and to build stronger people.

Description: a collaborative team working within a multi- Christian professional organization. With members that are gifted in various areas.The spiritual intervention team is commissioned to use nothing but the anointing power and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Hospital dictum is “One might have tried everything including the medical system and still cannot find help. One might be wondering if they can ever be healed or delivered. There is a solution… 

Someone may feel like all hope is gone, that life has no meaning or that they are in a mental prison, oppressed, perplexed and depressed. Spiritual Hospital is the answer. When doctors have given them up to die, they can still have life. Even though the paralyzing hand of death is upon their body, they can be healed.  There is a sovereign power that is substantially greater than any human knowledge, wisdom or prescription. God specializes in healing all things.”

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