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Charities across Canada are facing fundraising shortfalls and a number of operational challenges due to COVID-19 and--like us--facing difficult choices that will impact the level and availibility of services, programs, and resources on which our community depends.

Choose a Challenge

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Find some loose change challenge: have a contest with your tots and see who can find $3.00 in change the fastest! (min.donation is $3.00 = 3 ballots)  $3

Skip the chips challenge: ask your kids and some of their friends to skip their fav treat and give a toonie to charity. This is a great opportunity for youth of all ages to make a difference in their community. $10

Spread the word challenge: support the purchase of new books and other reading material for the library. $25

Perk up programs challenge: refresh the Tech Tank and activity & event pantries with supplies for programs. $50 

Support the stacks challenge: increase access to  audio books, games, eBooks, TV series, and more.... $100+

SGPL understands what a financially difficult time the pandemic has been and will continue to be for so many of us. This fundraising campaign offers a variety of choices so you can give what you can--as an individual or a family--because every single dollar counts as an increased possibility for SGPL to win $20,000 that will help us to continue to offer FREE public computer and WiFi use to stay connected, eResources to continue to engage in life-long learning and professional/personal development, and eBooks and and digital programs to keep information and entertainment options available.

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