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$75 for 75 (St. Alban's Birthday campaign)


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$75 for 75 (St. Alban's Birthday campaign)
Transform Lives and Celebrate St. Alban's 75th Birthday with a Gift of Giving!
For 75 years, BGC St. Alban's Club has been dedicated to transforming the lives of children and youth through life-changing programs, community-based services, and nurturing relationships with peers and caring adults. Since our founding in 1949, we have witnessed the power of opportunity and how it can change everything for those who walk through our doors.
In celebration of our 75th anniversary, we invite you to be a part of our legacy and ensure that future generations continue to have access to these life-altering opportunities. Introducing the $75 for 75 campaign, an initiative that brings our community together to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the hundreds of kids, youth and families who attend our Club's programs and services every day. 
By donating in symbolic amounts of $7.50, $75, $750, or any amount, you can directly contribute to our mission of helping children and youth develop the skills they need to succeed. Every donation is an investment in the potential of our young people and the future of our community.
As we reflect on the past and look forward to the next 75 years, we know that Opportunity Changes Everything. Join us in celebrating St. Alban's 75th birthday by giving the gift of possibility and hope to those who need it most.
Make your birthday gift to St. Alban's today and help us continue creating life-changing opportunities for another 75 years and beyond!