St Clare Inn / Friends of Saint Francis


Business Number: 884986910RR0001

Our Mission

St. Clare Inn is a transitional residence for women who have been homeless and have mental health issues. It provides a stable environment founded on respect, peace, safety, & dignity for each woman while they use community resources to continue their healing journey. We welcome single women between the ages of 35-60 without discrimination and encourage each woman to strengthen both her independent life skills and develop the empathy, compassion, and sense of service to live with others at the Inn and within the wider community.

About St Clare Inn / Friends of Saint Francis

St. Clare Inn was established by the Friends of Saint Francis, a group of dedicated professional lay men and women as well as Franciscan Friars, to begin to respond to the transitional needs of women in Toronto who have been homeless and are challenged with mental health issues. The Inn provides a safe environment for these women while they continue their healing journey. The values of the Inn, as well as those of the Friends of Saint Francis, are centered on reverence for the individual person, simplicity of lifestyle, the value of an appreciation and embodiment of community, and an ever developing presence of peace in the lives of those involved not only in the operating of St. Clare Inn but in the lives of the women who call this place their transitional home.

What People Are Saying

"It is with the deepest gratitude that I say Thank You for helping me out of a very dark place and back on my feet. You gave me a home, a safe place, believed in me, and supported me in creating a life worth living. Words are not enough."

— "T", former resident of St. Clare Inn

"Moving to the Inn was like being rescued from a shipwreck by a cruise liner.... I never cried all the time I was alone but when Friar Tom told me I could move into St. Clare Inn and have my own room, I cried."

— Emily, former resident of St. Clare Inn

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