Community Matters Toronto


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Our Mission

The principals of St. James Town Family Literacy Services operates as COMMUNITY MATTERS TORONTO and  has been volunteering in the St. James Town community on a full time basis for eight years. Community development and working to enhance social skills in a new country has been the basis of this work. In 2004 we incorporated our not for profit registered charity. Our mission is:

To provide direct services, education, training and research to develop the life and social skills of children, families and adults in St. James Town, and in turn encourage their contribution to their community

About Community Matters Toronto

We serve newcomers in St. James Town in eastern Toronto.

We count more than twenty cultures among our friends and neighbours supporting their energy, their hopes and their desire to help themselves and their families realize their aspirations and in so doing contribute to Canada.

Neighbours who have lived through similar challenges are the most effective people to support newcomers. They assist the process of adaptation.

We use a “NEIGHBOURS HELPING NEIGHBOURS” approach creating Community Assistants - familiar and trusted community residents from many cultures trained to help their neighbours.

We use a combination of training and supervision to develop capable Community Assistants inviting resource people in as needed. We have successfully used professionals to transfer their knowledge and skills to local residents.

Community Assistants now support over 500 newcomer families in the community

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