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Surgical Training

Registered Name: St. Joseph's Health System International Outreach Program

Business No: 840138911RR0001

Surgical Training

The Need:

Emergency and essential surgery saves lives and prevents disability. Surgery is a cost effective part of essential primary health care worldwide, and yet there is huge unmet need.  Uganda, with a population of almost 40 million people, has about 4% of the number of surgeons it needs to do emergency surgery, fix fractures, and save maternal and infant lives when caesarian section is needed.  Until recently, Guyana had to send its doctors abroad to do years of surgical training and most did not return.

The Solution:

The International Outreach Program of St. Josephs’ Health System, with McMaster University, supports local training programs in Uganda and Guyana through visiting faculty and collaboration in treating patients. Our partner countries find great value in sending their graduates to visit Hamilton for hands-on teaching and training as Clinical Fellows for 9-12 months in an environment with the latest medical techniques, research and contemporary administrative practices.  They learn what is possible, go home and make a difference.  Our visiting Clinical Fellows have become local medical leaders in their home countries.  That’s why the International Outreach Program trains doctors who train doctors – to ensure a speedy distribution of knowledge and demonstrate immediate benefits and results at the patient bedside.