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Our Mission

St. Paul's College vision of success is a fully-resourced and sustainable Catholic liberal arts college, with a vibrant, engaged, and empowered learning community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends, recognized for its leadership, excellence and stewardship of the Catholic intellectual tradition in teaching and research, and for the advancement of peace and social justice locally and around the world.

St. Paul's College, at the University of Manitoba, is the only Catholic institution of higher learning in the province of Manitoba. As stewards of the Catholic intellectual tradition, our mission is to enrich the University and to serve the Church and society by fostering a vibrant and engaged learning community that is grounded in a common search for truth by faith and reason; dedicated to the common good, through the promotion of teaching, research, service liturgical celebrations and other activities.

We offer a unique and distinctive educational experience to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Inspired by the Ignatian world view of humanity and the education traditions of the Jesuit fathers, we strive to develop our students intellectually, spiritually, and socially. We view the secular and sacred as complimentary realities. Our ecumenical faculty brings an ethical, philosophical, and theological perspective to higher education, which inter-grades all branches of knowledge in teaching and research with real-life issues. We invite them to think critically and to discern in an environment that inspires the imagination and engages the Spirit. We empower our students in the pursuit of their academic and vocational goals to discover who they have been called to be, and to use their God-given gifts for the advancement of peace and social justice locally and around the world.

About Our Charity

St. Paul’s College Foundation Inc. supports the educational and religious objectives of St. Paul’s College through fundraising activities and stewardship of investments derived from received gifts.

General Fund

The General Fund supports current services such as student aide, the Winnipeg International Storytelling Festival, Campus Ministry, building repairs and maintenance, and other areas of priorities which advance the College.

The Endowment Fund

Home to a number of sub-funds the Endowment Fund provides support for Jesuit Centre for Catholic Studies, Hanley Lecture Series, general operations and as well, an academic award portfolio which includes scholarships, bursaries, and prizes for student members.

Arthur V. Mauro Peace and Justice Fund

Provides operational support to the Mauro Centre and the Sol Kanee Lecture Series. It is home to Canada’s only PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies and the Joint MA Peace and Conflicts Studies program.

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