Business Number: 119257939RR0001

Covid19 Response Fund

The COVID-19Response Fund will be used to support the greatest needs created by the current crisis. These needs continue to evolve as the dedicated people of PHC continue to respond to emerging needs. These needs may include support for the following:

• The St. Paul’s pathology laboratory that continues to attempt to keep up to the increased need for COVID-19 testing from across the Province.

• Researchers in the Center for Heart Lung Innovation who are joining the world-wide effort to better understand the coronavirus and to search for a treatment.

• Equipment for St. Paul’s Hospital and Mount St. Joseph’s Hospital as they re-deploy current hospital equipment and resources to deal with the increased number of patients and precautions being taken as a result of the current situation.

• Increased precautions at all our seniors long-term care homes.

• Support for volunteers who are being deployed as Greeters at all PHC sites to ensure that only those that need to be on site are there and that those that do enter have taken appropriate measures for entering.

There are many other potential supports needed for patients, residents, staff and researchers as the COVID-19 crisis continues and we will continue to be there to support them as their needs evolve and change. You can give to our COVID-19 Response Fund online at or over the phone at 604-682-8206.