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St. Stephen's College at the University of Alberta

Registered Name: ST. STEPHEN'S COLLEGE

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St. Stephen's College at the University of Alberta

This year, we invite our supporters to consider signing up to become a monthly donor. These monthly contributions will benefit St. Stephen's College immensely as we work towards our goal of Educating the Whole Person, and to maintain the safe, sacred spaces for all those who learn and work at St. Stephen's.

What does it mean to "educate the whole person"? Our focus at St. Stephen's is to provide spiritually integrated education with a supportive, human-centered approach. No matter which program you take at St. Stephen's, your worldview as well as your professional practice and/or vocation will be forever transformed. 

Students in our Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality programs train to become counsellors and/or Art Therapists who practice within a spiritually-integrated framework. Similarly, many students in our Theology programs are preparing for vocations in the Spiritual Care field. St. Stephen's College is a diverse community made of individuals from across cultures, ethnicities, faith tradition, and worldviews and we are committed to making our staff, students and community feel safe and welcome in the sacred spaces that exist on our campus.