St. Thomas United Church


Business Number: 119203412RR0001

Our Vision Statement:

A dynamic faith community, boldly making a difference as we grow together. Wherever you are on your journey, you are welcome here.

Our Mission Statement:

Faith is a Journey we embrace with Open Hands, Open Hearts, Open Minds.

• Through Open Hands we seek to work towards justice for all, serve with the gifts we have received, create a welcoming and hospitable community of faith, live out our faith in the world, accept love and care from others.
• Through Open Hearts we seek to create a strong sense of community, accept and appreciate our similarities and differences, honour our common humanity in a caring, forgiving and non-judgemental manner, open ourselves to being touched by God in our daily living and develop a deeper relationship with God.
• Through Open Minds we seek to explore our faith through progressive theology, recognize we all make mistakes, learn from our life experiences, recognize God is always with us, value and respect the contributions of all our members, while balancing the needs of individuals, the congregation and the community at large.

Boldly making a difference

• St. Thomas United Church is an Affirming Ministry.
• We are inclusive, accepting each other as we are and welcome the ministry and participation of all persons regardless of age, gender identity, health, race, sexual orientation, differing abilities, religious or ethnic background or economic circumstance.

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