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Campaign Ends Sept. 6, 2020

Sponsor Head of School Michael Wolfe as he challenges himself to run for 100 consecutive days starting June 3 to help meet the increased demand for student financial aid due to COVID-19.

What motivates Mr. Wolfe? Watch this video and read this letter.

By sponsoring Mr. Wolfe, all monies will be directed towards financial aid in the form of bursaries and scholarships for deserving students. Official 100 days start is June 3, leading up to September 10, the day before the start of the new academic year. A virtual event is being planned so everyone can participate and show their support for this fundraiser.

Please give your support to help our students! 

$0.25/day ($25 total) or $ 6.25/month (over 4 months) 

$0.50/day ($50 total) or $12.50/m

$1.00/day ($100 total) or $25.00/m

$2.00/day ($200 total) or $50.00/m

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