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Help feed our 135 students in Haiti

We have 135 high school students who depend on our two drop in centers, one in Cap-Haitien and the other 28 km up Granjil Mountain in the village of Sen Rafayel, Haiti. They receive the only food and potable water they will have that day. They are welcome to drop in and eat more than once a day but most have no time. Classes are 8 hours and many walk 2 to 3 hours to get to school and the same to return home. Imagine that on an empty stomach in 100 degree temperatures.

Our teens and young adults are often the oldest in the family, responsible for younger siblings or ailing parents. They need healthy food to generate enough fuel in their bodies to get through the day.

We provide eggs, fruit (banana or mango or pineapple slice) , potable water and kasav (flatbread) with either cream cheese or homemade peanut butter (mamba).

The cost for providing food at our 2 centers is $574. USD per week, which comes down to $4.25 week per student.

Please visit our website to learn more about our work in Haiti.

Thank you.