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STEM Fellowship

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STEM Fellowship creates new equitable learning opportunities for students to develop modern skills for the digital age.

STEM Fellowship


About STEM Fellowship

STEM Fellowship is a Canadian charitable organization that empowers students and educators to become active and motivated partners in knowledge sharing and acquisition.  

Our student-driven experiential learning programs target analytics, research, and scholarly communication. Our goal is to foster digital citizens of the future.

We are currently present on 20 university campuses and over 50 high schools in over 8 provinces and are still growing!

Our Mission

To create equitable learning opportunities, connections, and experiences for students to develop modern skills for the digital age.

How do we make a difference

We connect students and foster future thought leaders across Canada and around the world through our ambassadors, university branches, high school chapters, and partnerships.

We provide high school and undergraduate students with their first opportunity for scholarly publication while enabling them to develop scholarly writing skills through workshops and our Scholarly Writing Challenge.

We foster inclusion and diversity in STEM fields by creating mentorship and research opportunities for students from communities traditionally underrepresented in STEM.

We deliver unique experiential learning programs in scholarly communication and data science for high school and undergraduate students.

Our Three Pillars:

Data Science Education for Change 

STEMpowerment Programs 

Science Communication for ALL

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