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Martin Family – Sponsorship Fund for Students in South Africa


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Martin Family – Sponsorship Fund for Students in South Africa

In March 2024, the Martin family (Steve, Tracy, Greg and Kelly) will be traveling to Queenstown, a rural town in the Eastern Cape of South Africa (south-central South Africa), to work for 2 weeks at the Get Ahead Project (GAP) School. 

Children from poor communities in the Eastern Cape have historically been trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty due to the inadequate education available via the South African state schooling system.  The GAP School offers hope as a low-fee independent school that fully meets the educational needs of children from the Queenstown area.  Students attending the GAP School have flourished and continue to have final year subject scores 45% above the national average.  The GAP School also provides a strong and informed platform for students to pursue post-graduate careers in a wide range of meaningful professions that they otherwise wouldn’t consider given their background.

It costs between $1,500-$2,000 CAD for each child to attend the GAP School for one year, depending on their grade.  This includes tuition, books and learning materials.  For many children in the Queenstown area, putting food on the table is a struggle, let alone school tuition.

Given this, and working with the Leacock Foundation, we are hoping to raise $15,000 to support the GAP School’s student sponsorship needs before we head to South Africa in March.  This would provide much needed financial support for 8-10 students to attend the GAP School who otherwise would not be able to attend. Monies raised would be allocated to current and potential students identified by the GAP School principal who have the greatest need.

With your generous support, you can help make a direct, positive and life-altering impact to these deserving South African children.

We thank you for your support!