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Stephen's Children


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We strive to offer a holistic approach to serving those in need in Cairo's garbage slums, providing education, health and food programs.

Stephen's Children


Our mission is to help save lives, bring hope, and restore dignity to under-privileged children and young people so they may reach their own people.

The Heart Of Our Work

Our team of over 500 people, a third of which grew up in the slums, work in the slum and squatting areas of Egypt, seeking to build strong trusting relationships with the poorest, most vulnerable children and their families. Nurturing, training, and equipping nearly 40,000 children, young people and their families.

We now have the opportunity to provide more regular medical and dental assistance as we have opened a permanent medical centre, soon to be the first hospital in the region. This will make care accessible to more than eight million people living in the area.

The Joy of Education

For thousands of children and youth Farah School I and II provided the chance to dream of a bright future. Farah School I, in El-Khosous slum, was the first school in the area where more than two million people live.

We support 98 Community Educational Centers assisting more than 15,000 of Egypt’s youngest children ages 2-6. The community education centers provide access to family counseling services, basic medical care, as well as vocational training in embroidery and shoe-making. The Centers also offer literacy classes to girls aged 8-14 and monthly support meetings for mothers.

Developing Volunteers & Leaders

Stephen’s Children began ‘discipleship schools’ which are designed to support the development of leaders and workers for the foundation. Operating on a 100-acre desert farm northwest of Cairo. Each program lasts for approximately three months and is run three times per year.  Here, we teach young men every year how to grow olives, dates, and other staple crops from the desert sands. The Farah Philomena Farm program held three leadership/discipleship schools that graduated 90 well-equipped leaders to give back to the community.


As we build our local hospital, grow our food security program and educating more and more children and youth, we need your support!

Our work since 1989, has served thousands of children and families. With more than 18 million Egyptians living on less than $2.00 a day, your support is critical.




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