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St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church of B.C.


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Support Syrian Refugees

Campaign Ended Feb. 1, 2016

St. Gregory Armenian Apostolic Church of British Columbia has committed to sponsor 30 families, mostly young families with elementary-school aged children (92 individuals) from the Syrian refugee crisis.

By December 15, 2015:

  • Three families have arrived safely in Vancouver.
  • Twenty seven (27) families are at different stages of the screening process with half projected to arrive by Christmas 2015.

We Need Your Help

All the families we are sponsoring are privately sponsored, and do not fall under the government-sponsored category. Thus, they are not eligible for government-funded support programs or funds. We are responsible for their entire needs for their first year of residency.

How Can You Help? 

Please donate and support the Syrian families with a fresh start in Canada.

  • Your donation of $25 will go towards school supplies for a child.

  • Your donation of $50 will provide a child with warm blankets, sheets and pillows.

  • Your donation of $100 will go towards a families first set of groceries.

  • Your donation of $500 will help a family furnish their new home.

All donations will receive a tax-deductible receipt for the full amount.

Information on our Campaign

The exodus from Syria has been described as the worst humanitarian crisis since the Second World War, with more than 11 million Syrians displaced. Images of young children, families, and the elderly fleeing from their homes and communities have been streamed into our living rooms for the past four years. 

Syria has long been home to a minority Armenian population established in the early 1920s, and many families in Canada still have relatives and friends in Syrian cities that have been attacked and bombed. First-hand accounts of their hardship, the loss of jobs, homes and communities has reached us here in Vancouver. Four years ago, at the start of the war, our Church began its fundraising efforts in order to provide much needed relief, both directly and in partnership with the Canadian government, to the Syrian-Armenians still in Syria.

By 2013, it became increasingly clear that no end was in sight for the crisis that was engulfing the region and it was crucial that we doubled our efforts to come to the aid and assistance of the large Armenian community in Syria for a more permanent solution. Our application to become a Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) with the Canadian Government was approved and we started immediately to process the numerous requests for sponsorship received. 

The latest decision by the Canadian Government to expedite the process and bring in 25,000 refugees by February 2016 is fantastic news for those who have lost their homes and suffered lack of security and an inability to plan for the future over the past 4 years. It is wonderful news to family and friends in Canada who have been waiting to be reunited with loved ones and help them restart a life of peace. However, the sudden change in policy and resulting high influx of families has added pressure and a sense of urgency to our sponsorship efforts, putting strain and stretching the resources of our small community of families.

We are seeking donations in order to meet the immediate needs of the families who will be joining us shortly. We are also continuing our efforts to bring over more families and help them start their new lives within our community, in our Canada. This great country and this great province can support much more.

We have no doubt that every single individual we help to bring to Canada will repay our great country ten-fold with their knowledge, handwork and determination to succeed and contribute to our society. 

Please donate generously to make a difference in someone's life today.

Thank you for taking the time to support us.

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