Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Registered Name: Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Business Number: 840817910RR0001

Donate monkey chow for $25

Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary is home to 18 monkeys who have come to us for peace and solace from a variety of backgrounds, some of them with stories difficult even to share, let alone survive.  Taking in monkeys at the sanctuary is a life-time commitment. Once they are here, they are here for life.  Our responsibility is not just to provide them a life free of fear but also to provide medical treatment and care for their life time.  Our challenge is medical bills for our aging monkeys and health checks to ensure that our younger monkeys are able to lead long, healthy lives.

                              The monkeys depend on us.  We depend on you.  It’s that simple.

Your donation of $25 will buy monkey chow to supplement the fruit and vegetables the monkeys regularly eat.

You can check out the different monkeys on our website at:

Various monkeys can be fostered through other campaign pages for various amounts.

They can also be fostered via the website at: