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SBFPS June 2023 Giving Challenge

Registered Name: Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

Business No: 840817910RR0001

SBFPS June 2023 Giving Challenge

This month, as part of the June Giving Challenge, every $1.00 donated ($3.00 minimum donation) will give us the chance to win $20,000!  Our goal for the month is to raise $5,000.00 for Primate Enrichment.

We have monkeys and lemurs of all sizes – the smallest monkeys are our squirrel monkeys Rudy and Stevie and our largest are our olive baboons – Pierre, Bruno, Judy and Johnny.

They all require enrichment to keep them busy – mentally and physically.  However, a particular form of enrichment can be a challenge for one species but impossible for another; can be enjoyed by some and ignored by others.

Your donations this month will allow us to provide everything from building materials to mirrors to raisins – all items that will allow us to continue to expand and tailor enclosures to their individual needs and supply them with items to keep them preoccupied.

The monkeys, lemurs and humans at Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary thank you.