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Story Book: The Next Chapter

Campaign Ends Jan. 1, 2021

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela


Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary is the only sanctuary dedicated to monkeys in Canada.  Our goal is to raise $1 Million dollars to build a new facility in 2020.  Can you help us meet this significant milestone?

In a precedent-setting move, Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary, became the first sanctuary vetted by the Canadian government to retire laboratory monkeys after surviving their research obligations. The Globe and Mail did a comprehensive story on Cody, Cedric and Pugsley. This means that we can hope for more of the currently 6,500 monkeys in research to be allowed to be retired.  We need to build to give more lab monkeys a chance of a peaceful retirement.

Over the years, we have provided a healing place for monkeys that have suffered trauma and loss.  Through our committed volunteers, they have learned to trust and hope again. Many have passed peacefully from this world surrounded by love. This is the level of care we provide. This is their home until the end of their days.

Sadly, the numbers of monkeys in need has not decreased, but has increased.  We are frequently contacted regarding monkeys needing sanctuary - monkeys that are being kept inhumanely in roadside zoos, in people’s basements, garages or stores, monkeys that are being bred for the exotic pet trade, monkeys being sold at auction and monkeys who are no longer wanted as pseudo-children.  Can you help us help them with a new home?

The new building will be on our current property and will initially house forty monkeys with room to grow. With 20 acres to work with, the new design will incorporate natural elements and provide larger indoor and outdoor areas. We are working with leaders in primate housing and sustainable development to design a leading edge facility to enlarge our circle of compassion.

With your help we can make this dream a reality.

$186,150 raised out of $1,000,000 goal

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