Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary

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Story Book: The Next Chapter

Campaign Ends Jan. 1, 2020

Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary has long been the home of monkeys, each  with their own heart-wrenching story.  It is now necessary to expand.  The demand continues as we learn of monkeys needing sanctuary - monkeys that are being kept inhumanely in roadside zoos, monkeys that are being bred for the exotic pet trade and, most recently, research monkeys. In a precedent-setting move, Story Book Farm is now home to the first lab monkeys to be allowed to retire after surviving their research obligations. We want to provide the best long-term captive care to monkeys who have had their wild lives stolen.  

In order to take in more monkeys - we already have a waiting list of two - we need to expand.  This plan to build a new sustainable structure and extensive outdoor areas will cost $1million.

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