Story Studio Writing Society

Registered Name: Story Studio Writing Society

Business Number: 807121504RR0001

Our Mission

Story Studio is a non-profit that offers writing-based activities to build confidence, encourage creativity and improve communication skills in youth. Our programs include a variety of innovative creative writing workshops, as well as publications and events that celebrate and promote the work of young writers. To date, we have helped over 5,000 youth write and publish their stories. We are a charitable organisation and rely entirely on grants, sponsorships, donations and volunteers.

What People Are Saying

"Story Studio knows that the best way to encourage children is to simply listen to what they have to say. Amazing work."

— -Ed Robertson, Musician (Barenaked Ladies), Read More

"The kids were SOOOOO excited to see their books. They're STILL reading them and showing them to everyone. "

— Grade 7 Teacher,

"Story Studio is a wonderfully creative and fun-filled program that helps children develop their writing skills while simultaneously providing the opportunity for them to express their feelings and build self-confidence. "

— Story Studio Donor

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