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Gallery Stratford is the only public gallery in Stratford, Ontario and the surrounding region.  It is thanks to your support that we were able to invite 11,377 visitors into our galleries and engage almost two-thirds of our population in our combined education, exhibition and outreach programs last year.  If you believe in the power of art to foster creativity, imagination, a sense of discovery, and community belonging I urge you to join me in donating to the gallery today.

Art is a universal language allowing us to connect with one another and the world around us.  This experiential quality was evidenced last summer with Amanda McCavour’s Poppies.  This enchanting and beautiful exhibition mesmerized our audience.  We routinely found visitors contemplating and dreaming as they lay on the floor staring up into the field of poppies, twirling and dancing amongst the cast shadows, or sitting alone silently admiring the stillness and beauty.  It is experiences like these that allow us to collectively understand the importance and power of art in our lives.

 As Gallery Stratford looks to the future, we want to continue to bring magical moments and creative experiences to our community.  To move forward we need to recognize our past – a past in which our members and donors have played an important and vital role.  We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last half century and know that it is thanks to our donors and supporters for contributing to our success.

I invite you to join me in supporting Gallery Stratford. Together we can help the gallery flourish as we look to the future.  We rely on the generosity of our donors and the community and hope you will renew your support, increase your donation, or consider a new gift this year. 


With heARTfelt thanks,

Angela Brayham

Director / Curator

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