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Gallery Stratford 100

For over 50 years Gallery Stratford has presented engaging and inspiring art exhibitions and creative and challenging art educational programs thanks to the generous support of the Stratford community.  To continue to sustain and grow these programs The Gallery Stratford 100 campaign invites 100 women to commit a $25 donation, or more, each month.  For many of us $25 is less than a casual dinner out, or a week of morning coffee at your favourite local cafe. 

Our goal is to create an annual fund of at least $30,000 that will be directed towards enhancing the exhibition and education programs we provide for our community.  Consider adding $.91 to your $25 monthly donation to help offset processing fees incurred by the charity.  You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your donation.

Thanks to the following individuals who have contributed and pledged to the campaign as of December 31, 2019:

Susan Zorgdrager

Carrie & Jeremy Wreford

Robert Windrum

Shirley Weitzel

Anne Walsh

Jessie Votary

Cynthia Venables

Edith Van Hulle

Barb Vallis

Beverly Valentine

Susan Young

Allan Tye in Memory of Judy Tye

Tamar Tsafnat

Cynthia Thornewell

Susan Tamblyn

Timothy S. Stock-Bateman

Apollonia Steele

Elaine Steed

Spencer Steckley

Ann Marie Stasiuk

Jill & John Skinner

Allison Skinner

Kathy See

Patti Schneider

Emily Schaefer

Kristin Sainsbury

Martie Sachs

Lucille Roch

Catherine Riggall

Tamar Hargin Reilly

Cathy Rehberg

Doug Reberg

Lori Radke

Melissa Quinn

Bob Phillips

Jane Orr

Catherine O'Connor

Hankie Nguyen

Denise Nonomura

Maxine Noel

Patricia Nascu

Lee Myers

Clodagh Moss

Clodagh Moss in Memory of Brede Moss

Mary Jo Morris

Irene Miller

Glen Miller

Anna Michener

Jenn Mezei

Barb McMahon

Loreena McKennitt

Jean Anne McLeod

Larry McGonigal

James McDougall

Alexandra McDonald

Marcia Matsui

Keith & Chris Masterman

Ann Martin & Jody Turner

Beverley Maranger

Anu Macintosh-Murray

David James Lester

Jessica Leney

Chantal Lemieux

Christine Lee

Arakua Lamptey

Margaret Lamb

Dorothy Knight

Elizabeth Kerr

Eleanor Kane

Marthe Jocelyn

Kitty Howard

Deanna Horton

Judith Horner & Hammond Bentall

Mary Hofstetter

Jean Hewitt

Sarah Hamza

Jessika Guy

Kathleen Freeman

Karen Fleming

Nanci Fair

Michel Faigaux

Peg Dunnem

Ron Dodson

Jane Dobinson

Julie Dingman

Mary Anne Dente

Nancy Davidson

Terri Dans

Katelyn Culliton

Carolyn Cuerden

Martha Courtney

Tara Cooper

Sandra Collier & Thomas Verny

Joanie Chapple

Anne Campion

Jo-Dee Burbach

Silvana Bruni

Gayle Brooks

Lise Brayham

Angela Brayham & Phil Bigelow

Rick Bigelow

Gail Bennett

Martine Becu

Stephen & Dariel Bateman

Susan Bailey

Philip Anisman & Libby Hague

Fiona Hannam Adams


A heARTfelt thanks for your support!

Angela Brayham

Director / Curator

$32,032 raised out of $60,000 goal

53.3867666667% Complete