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Stratford Symphony Orchestra


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Stratford Symphony Orchestra Phantom Ball

Campaign Ended April 1, 2019

The Phantom Ball takes place in the most spectacular venue in the world: Your imagination.  

In lieu of spending money and dressing-up for a formal event, donate generously to the Stratford Symphony Orchestra (SSO) by purchasing Phantom Ball “tickets” until April 1st, 2019 for this extraordinary ethereal non-event. 

You will receive immediately a tax receipt for the entire amount of your purchase. Each “ticket” will also give you a chance to win a Season Subscription to the SSO's 2019-20 season or a dinner for two at Pazzo Taverna.

The SSO will celebrate its 15th season this year thanks to the on-going support of Classical Music Lovers like you. Putting together concerts and events throughout the year requires more funds than ticket sales alone can generate.

Your generous contribution to the Phantom Ball will help the SSO sustain and build its artistic presence in Stratford and beyond. Funds raised through the Phantom Ball will be used specifically towards:

  • Bringing in Special Guest Artists to celebrate the SSO 15th season
  • A much-needed Timpani Set

    The Phantom Ball takes place in the most expansive and spectacular venue in the world: Your imagination. Because the Phantom Ball won’t happen in the physical world as we know it, bad weather will not hinder your capacity to participate – and no one will find your apparel to be gauche or over the top.

    Join Kelly and Ray and donate by purchasing “tickets” for the Phantom Ball to support the SSO:

    • $25 for one
    • $50 for a couple
    • $100 for a table of four
    • $150 for a table of six
    • $200 for a table of eight
    • Or as many “tickets” as you wish!
    Ticket Purchase deadline is April 1, 2019
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