Student Christian Movement of Canada (SCM Canada)


Business Number: 108043936RR0001

Our Mission

We are the Student Christian Movement because we feel called to engage the prophetic teachings of the revolutionary Jesus of Nazareth.

We include people of many beliefs and faiths seeking to explore and challenge the Christian tradition.

Locally, nationally and internationally, we strive to be a healing community. Through spiritual practice we strengthen and challenge each other on this journey.

Embracing radical ecumenism and interreligious praxis, we celebrate the paradox of unity in diversity.

We seek through reflection, study and action to discern God's will for the world and to understand our role in it.

Proclaiming God's preferential option for the poor and marginalized, we act in solidarity with the oppressed to resist structures of domination and realize justice in this world. This we offer as a living prayer.

About Student Christian Movement of Canada (SCM Canada)

SCM Canada is a grassroots student-led movement on the intersection of faith and social justice.

With local units active on campuses across the country, and links to more than 100 global SCMs, we engage the prophetic teachings of the revolutionary Jesus of Nazareth.

Solidarity, Leadership, Faith.

Justice, Community, Spirituality.

What People Are Saying

"We want to throw the torch to the new generation in SCM. This is a very good thing to do with our money. It's in our veins."

— Audrey Tobias (Senior Friend, founder of SCM Project Phoenix)

"Generation after generation, SCM manages to recreate a radical space for transformation... (Monthly giving) is a really easy way for me to give the money I intend to be giving."

— Joelle Morgan (Senior Friend & WSCF representative 2004-2008)

"It's absolutely wild and wonderful that we're able to come together, uniting in solidarity & support. SCM definitely makes a huge impact in people's lives."

— Bre Woligroski (Student & SCM National Representative 2007-2008)

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