SEARCH - Student Energy in Action for Regina Community Health

Registered Name: Student Energy in Action for Regina Community Health Inc.

Business Number: 829943661RR0001

What is SEARCH?

SEARCH is a non-profit and charitable student-run primary health care initiative in the North Central community of Regina, SK. Each week, student volunteers from various post-secondary institutions dedicate their time to work under the guidance of trained professional mentors in order to provide interdisciplinary medical and social programs to Regina’s inner-city. Along with medical services, SEARCH offers a safe environment for individuals and families to enjoy a warm meal together and participate in a number of fun, educational, and cultural activities.

Members of SEARCH recognize the intrinsic value of all people and their right to high quality health care. SEARCH’s vision is based on local priorities, as determined through extensive communication with community groups and health professionals. SEARCH provides an invaluable and sustainable link between students, health care professionals, community based organizations, post-secondary institutions, and the community.

Students benefit by gaining practical experience in an interdisciplinary setting and through exposure to unique clinical circumstances. The community benefits through having access to after hours, holistic primary health care and social programs. Within this mutually beneficial environment, opportunities exist to diminish barriers to health care, improve community relations, and make Regina a healthier place for all. 


SEARCH is a student run interdisciplinary primary health care initiative in Regina, SK. SEARCH has the goal to provide access to clinical and social services in an after-hours clinical setting with diverse populations.


SEARCH has an external vision that states “the North Central Community has achieved improved health and wellbeing through equitable accessible programming delivered by an interdisciplinary collaborative of students and mentors.”

SEARCH also has an internal vision that states “SEARCH students and mentors are leaders and champions of collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to professional practice.” In these aspects, SEARCH’s aim is two-fold. We strive to educate and empower our clients while also educating our students on the social determinants of health and primary health care. 

What People Are Saying

"SEARCH makes me feel like I belong, not only to the community of North Central, but to the whole community of Regina. There is a lot of support here. If I have any questions about nutrition, proper way of living, counselling, I will get the answers I need at SEARCH."

— SEARCH Client

"SEARCH helps those who do not know each other learn more about one another. When this happens, people are more likely to help each other and care for one another. We develop relationships in order to support each other and draw on these relationships when we need to."

— SEARCH Cultural Support Worker

"[SEARCH] supports us all by making us feel a part of society and community – not ostracized like we often are."

— SEARCH Client

"In many ways, SEARCH was the last resource I had. After having tried everything in town, the services at SEARCH benefit me and I have been able to take what I have learnt and make it work for me."

— SEARCH Client

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