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Student Energy is a Canadian charity building the next generation of energy leaders who will accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable energy future.

Complex factors currently make our energy system unsustainable. Student Energy envisions a future where energy serves the world’s needs in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally equitable, and does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Student Energy engages youth in unique programs that help them become the change agents of the future and works with and within energy systems to create space for youth to have an impact and develop professionally.

Since our first summit in 2009 we have generated an impressive global reach, building a network of tens of thousands of youth and volunteers across 135 countries.

Our Programs


Student Energy Chapters are University-level clubs that empower students to take action on energy in their communities. Through events and projects, students develop important soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, team management, collaboration, and communication.

This program can support tens of thousands of youth in their professional and personal development to take action in their communities. With a generation of systems-level thinkers and innovators, the world will stand well prepared to take on today’s most pressing energy issues and opportunities, while paving the way for economic growth and climate stewardship.

Our Student Energy at Mount Royal University Chapter is hosting the first Indigenous Student Energy Summit. SevenGen will bring 200 Indigenous youth across Canada to Calgary, Alberta in January, 2019. SevenGen will engage youth in Indigenous-led energy solutions and provide mentorship, academic, and career development opportunities for Indigenous youth. Visit to learn more.


Student Energy’s first initiative, the International Student Energy Summit, brings together 700 students from over a hundred countries to empower each other and innovate with the world’s key energy leaders. The Summit is run by a team of students who win the bid to host and organize the conference with the support of Student Energy. 

The next SES will be hosted by a pan-European team of students at Imperial College London. SES 2019 will bring 700 students from 100 countries to London under the theme Breaking Barriers. Visit to learn more. 


Student Energy’s Energy Literacy Platform (ELP) is a revolutionary tool for diving into the complex world of energy. The interactive, ed-tech platform brings energy information to youth with an interactive energy system map, animated videos and short write ups. The ELP has been one of our organization’s greatest successes reaching two million users yearly

Phase Two of the Energy Literacy Platform will include Influencers on the Energy System, factors such as climate change, the built environment, global markets, and energy access. We will also be launching a regionalization of the Energy Systems Map so youth can visualize a global sustainable energy transformation.

What People Are Saying

"“Delegates from the International Student Energy Summit 2015, you are part of the first generation that can end poverty and the last that can avert the worst impacts of climate change. I place great hopes in your power to shape our future.”"

— Ban ki-moon, Former United Nations Secretary-General

"“The energy revolution is happening now. We are empowering young people to break the barriers that stand in its way. Our diverse group of delegates, speakers, and partners will challenge the inertia of conventional systems, to create momentum for a sustainable and equitable energy future.”"

— Meredith Adler, Executive Director at Student Energy

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