Registered Name: STUDIO 303

Business Number: 127796456RR0001

Our Mission

Founded in 1989, Studio 303 exists to promote the evolution of live art, prioritizing the development of emerging practices in contemporary dance and related arts. As such, we often work with artists who escape definition and who seek new models for artistic creation, demanding a greater flexibility in time and space. We provide a full range of support to the creative process as well as presenting work, often in non-conventional sites and contexts. Taking the body as their main subject and expressive form, artists from multiple backgrounds develop a shared field of interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. In Montreal, Studio 303 is one of the central organisations active in this field.

Fundraising Campaign 2018

Last year, 149 fans helped us collectively raise close to $12,000 in a tremendous show of support for not only what we do, but how we do it.

On top of boosting our morale, this support helped us launch the new Curator-in-residence program, offer scholarships to Queer Performance Camp attendees and organize an impromptu professional showcase for visiting presenters interested in queer aesthetics - which has already led to international presenting opportunities for two of the artists involved!

Today, we need your help to maintain our paid artist residencies, which will be particularly challenging next season. In addition, we hope to establish an Artist Survival Fund, to provide a top up to resident artists whose grant applications were unsuccessful. Artists should not have to indebt themselves in order to fulfill contractual obligations with presenters. This fund is a small but significant gesture towards highlighting this issue and combatting artists' poverty.

If you believe in what we do and how we do it, please begin or continue investing in us! And if you're excited about the Artist Survival Fund, please consider increasing your annual donation. This is not just about money-- it's about putting your energy where your heart is.

Whether you're on a very limited budget, or have considerable disposable income, your contribution WILL make a difference for Studio 303.

Miriam Ginestier, General and Artistic Director

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