Registered Name: SUCO

Business Number: 130650575RR0001

Our Mission

To contribute to disadvantaged populations having greater participation in and control of their development through capacity building.

To support the establishment of a participatory democracy, in ways which respect people and their environment.

To enhance the engagement of Canadians in actions of solidarity by raising awareness of the realities and issues of international development.

SUCO achieves its mission mainly through technical support and financial assistance to local communities in the following regions:

  • West Africa
  • Central and South America
  • The Caribbean

We work through partnerships based on shared values, use approaches which favour local knowledge and encourage people here and abroad to take responsibility for equitable and sustainable development.

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About Our Charity

SUCO [Solidarité Union Coopération] is an organization of cooperation and international solidarity, founded in 1961 and located in Montreal. SUCO’s principal mission is the promotion of solidarity between people to create a reciprocal support to their development, and the joint search for a new international order founded on justice and equal proceeds.

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